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EMME YA is the in deep exploration of Edgar Kerval in the fields of sonic mutations and hybrid soundscapes emerging from astral atavisms experimented time ago... EMME YA is a black planet with two suns (256=11x23 E.Q) in the sirius binary such planet resides mostly of loas ,spirits from Atlantean tradition and extraterrestrial emanations surrounding the aura of planet earth. EMME YA is an experimental organism growing and mutating all the time,so finally our debut album will be out this year through the British label COLD SPRING recs. "Atavistic Dreams And Phallic Totems" will be out soon. so keep on contact for more informations. also our participation in QUARTIER 23 compilations cd "The Pentagram","Sex magick",and other free downloadable compilations are upcoming advances of what people could expect through our albums. Also the final release of "Beyond The Secret Flame"(Aiwass Manifesto) Through The Mercurius Collective is out now!!!. an abstract vacuity and magickal paradigms transmitted through the Ritual Mantras generated by EMME YA!!!


The main influences are the ancient mystical cultures,as atlantis,sumerian gods,voodo pantheon,atavisms,and diverse abstract forms which reflects into our mind,more than the perceived reality hidden in ancient stellar wisdom. such vast forms are channels of perceptions which I focus through EMME YA. the transmissions appeared to my mind in a mutating way,showing me tha path to follow...a dark path beyond the stars!!!!
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sábado, 22 de noviembre de 2014

"Ophidian Fetish Mandala"
Cd 2014 out now!!
Noctivagant/Sirius Limited Esoterica

"Ophidian fetish mandala", is the transmission in a serie of substantial inner process through the black sun,the alchemical process visualizing parallel enigmatic paths,suggestive paradigms through more than 45 minutes of dense ritual dark ambient in its most pure form. The Cd comes with 5 cards of the ophidians vibrations focused while creating the whole album.
Each manifestation here, is a deep process of spiritual trancendence in search for the black sun rays, lighting our paths beyond aeons and aeons...

Apska Ma isut!! lex ma tir imul!! 

1-Zoomorphic Scarlet Vessel

2-Arcana of the waters of the bloodred moon

3-The Forbidden Elixir

4-sigillum sabbati

5-Yantra Of The Spider Goddess

"Though liminal vacuity in thousand trendils
 the liquid light emerging through an ocean of darkness
and an astral black sun shining,in the zenit horizon
beyond the ophidian fetish mandala " Edgar Kerval 2014

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